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S & E Polymers Company – Improving Lives Through Technological Advancements

The cliché goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. This was demonstrated by a young girl in South Africa by finding an all new polymerization method to combine dried orange peels and avocado peels using the photo polymerization method. The compound she created carries significance not only because she is the winner of the Google Science Fair prize, but also because the compound she created can absorb and retain more water and her country badly needed it. South Africa has received scant rainfall and there is near drought like situation in many regions. This girl Kiara Nirghin’s innovative idea has to be seen in this perspective. Hence, every plastics polymerization s&e polymers company also tries, in its own way, to bring out path breaking compounds to help their customers save on costs and still produce better products.

Addressing Tough Challenges

In the B2B environment, the customers can be expected to be very demanding. In a typical business model like the automotive sector, for example, an S&E Specialty polymers company would be supplying raw materials to a customer who makes components for automobiles, which are bought by the auto maker and finally the cars and trucks made by them are sold to the buying public. At each stage, the need to bring out a better product keeps intensifying, throwing the biggest challenge to the polymer maker to go all out and keep innovating. The team at every s&e specialty polymers company rises to this challenge each time and successfully at that.

Industry Specific Products

The technical needs of the user industries are many times unique. Going back to the automotive industry example, the sector has seen many components being changed to plastic and these components need to resist heat and direct sunlight to retain their color and perform at their best. The plastic compound from which these auto components are made have to have these properties and s&e polymers company has to offer this assurance and guarantee to their customers. In the same way, in the cables used for various applications, the product may be used within a covered space, but they have a high risk of being affected by fire and flames. The plastics supplied by s&e polymers company and used in making the cables’ outer sheath must prevent the cables from being burnt. Many products have been made but more are getting innovated periodically.

Pilot Plant for Testing

It is not always easy to do experimentation at the customer’s end. If a new formula has been evolved and a compound produced, s&e polymers company has an in-house facility to thoroughly test the compound and also, where needed, a simulation test to know how the product it is meant for can behave when manufactured.

Putting Customer First

All these activities are ultimately meant to ensure customers get what they need and go even beyond that. This will make certain the customers stay with them for years and won’t look elsewhere for their raw material requirements.

Plastic compounding, to get better and stronger products, is by itself a big contribution to improve people’s lives, besides being technological advancements. For more details, visit at: HTTP://WWW.SESPOLY.COM/