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Industrial Tools and Equipment: Reasons to Maintain Your Hot Melt Glue System

When it comes to industrial adhesives, hot melt adhesives (HMA) is the most popular and widely used type today. They are thermoplastic in nature and based on polymer so they turn solid at room temperature. As they don’t utilize water or solvents to acquire their adhesive properties, they have a long shelf life and are functional in a range of temperatures. Not to mention that they are fast to set upon being dispensed from the hot melt melter.

Hot melt melter

HMA is used for various applications across different industries, including automotive, graphic arts, paper and packaging, assembly, and woodworking. Today, we will be taking a look at the benefits of regular cleaning and maintenance for your hotmelt applicator and melter.

Reasons to Observe Proper Maintenance:

Longer Lifespan

Wear and tear will eventually corrode your machine hot melt to the point that it can no longer efficiently create adhesive bonds. Preventative maintenance can help increase its lifespan significantly. Routine cleaning can also reduce the occurrence of char, clogs, and other equipment issues that you really want to avoid.

Greater Safety

Nothing could be worse than having your hot melt melter break down when you’re in the middle of a project. This can tempt you to perform dangerous repairs while the tank is still full of hot melted adhesive and will ultimately affect your productivity. With regular cleaning and care, you can prevent these emergency repairs and unscheduled shutdowns.

Better Bottom Line

For many businesses, one of the most important reasons to maintain a dispenser hot melt machine is to save money. Dirty equipment and clogged hoses can cost money to replace or repair. The cost of a cleaning kit or solvent is minimal compared to the price of buying a new machine, you know.

Less Char

Depending on where your equipment is being used, external contaminants such as wood shavings and dust can build up and lead to char in the adhesive pots. Cleaning and caring for your machine can prevent the char from clogging up the lines. If you leave it unchecked, it can cause nozzles and hoses to fail permanently. This, in turn, leads to expensive parts replacements.

As you can see, you can benefit a lot from taking good care of your hot melt melter. Bear in mind that there are basic guidelines when it comes to cleaning your machine though. You should be able to find the individual unit’s instructions in the manual it came with, so be sure to follow them to a T. In this manner, you can avoid any components from getting damaged in the process of cleaning them.

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