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What is a Handover Inspection and How is It Done?

Handover inspection is a process wherein licensed building inspectors conduct a comprehensive checkup for any substandard materials, compromised or incomplete works, omissions, structural and non-structural defects, and unnecessary materials used and done when constructing a home or commercial building.

handover inspection

This also includes timber pest inspection and other environment-related (like bushfire protection standard) checkups. Before the actual inspection, contracts and checklists are to be filled up by the agreeing parties, as well as the builders to let everyone know that whenever defects and compromises are seen, rectification and re-inspection must be done accordingly. This process will help you purchase a property that you will never regret buying. Sometimes you don’t trust your instinct. Instead, trust only the experts.

Pre-Settlement (Handover) Inspections in Brisbane

Handover inspection in Brisbane is increasingly prevalent as home buyers and property investors are becoming smarter and more practical when acquiring real property for either residential or commercial use. When looking for a provider of a handover inspection Brisbane can offer, choose only those who employ licensed engineers, building inspectors, and architects to avoid compromises.

Simple Handover Inspection Checklist

A handover inspection checklist is a long complex list of materials, sites, and conditions that every inspector should uncover during the process. Below is just a simple overview of what checklists should include.


This includes joints location, weep holes, waterproofing, perimeter flashing, walls, window sills, bagging, termite barriers, and other relevant areas.


What is commonly checked in these areas are the materials used, how they are done, and the general strength of the structure. The verandah, however, is checked by looking at its framing, heights, and stirrups.

Garage or Carport

For garage inspection, it is somewhat similar with how decks are checked. Structural integrity, materials, and the general workmanship are checked. Electrical outlets placed on walls, floors, or ceilings are also checked whether they are properly hidden from environmental factors such as thunderstorms and wildfires. In fact, an electrical inspection is the most crucial part of the entire handover inspection process.

Roof Framing and Covering

Roof cover, frames, fixings, ridges, insulation, gutter placements, pipings, flashings, and other related areas which cover the entire roof are also checked thoroughly by professional inspectors.


Floor stumps are the first parts of the floor being inspected. Next are the sealants used, ventilation, slabbing, damp proofing, ventilation, sheeting, and other products of workmanship.

General Site Conditions and Improvements

The best handover inspection service won’t overlook checking the general conditions of the parts of the house which are changed, repaired, and renovated. It is because most of these places are done with the use of substandard materials and workmanship.

Exterior Conditions

It is also important that your house’s exterior appearance be checked thoroughly as this is the only part of the house (except for external carports) which is exposed to rains, storms, and thunderstorms. Workmanship and materials used for this part must all be of premium quality. That is the reason why you find Building Pro services who are trustworthy and highly experienced.